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InDesign - Green Ranger DoubleSpread Article by Konack1 InDesign - Green Ranger DoubleSpread Article by Konack1
21 Years And Counting. But 1 Above All Else.
A Lookback of the Green Ranger

By: Doug Buckner

    It is difficult to imagine that the Power Rangers television series has been on for over two decades now (with its anniversary on August 28th). The title that started it all was Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. A team of 5 teenagers, from the fictional city of Angel Grove, drafted by a giant floating head named Zordon, along with his helpful robot, Alpha 5. Together, they formed the first Power Rangers to combat the evils of the witch, Rita Rapulsa and the mighty Lord Zedd. Mighty Morphin’ went on for 3 seasons, for a total of 135 episodes, and 1 movie.

   The 5 Rangers, identified by their respective colors, eventually would come face to face with Rita’s own Green Ranger, by taking mind control over newcomer, Tomm Oliver  (played by Jason David Frank). His fighting skills, unlike the monsters the Rangers would normally face, were more than a match for the team. This would continue on in a 5 part series, ‘Green With Evil’. Eventually, the evil within Tommy would be rid of him with the aid from our heroes and thus, Tommy would join the team for a total of 6 Rangers working together.

The Power Rangers, in time of great danger would call on their giant fighting machines, known as Zords. The Green Ranger’s zord, the DragonZord, would make its debut in the final part episode of ‘Green With Evil’ by being summoned from the sea by the music played from the legendary DragonFlute dagger.

    Things would not last, however, because while the evil within had faded, Tommy’s Ranger powers would also fade in time. And thus, it began with 6... it will end with 5. Not all was lost though. Some time later, during the second season, Tommy had returned in white light (in the episodes ‘White Light’, parts 1 and 2), and not only became the White Ranger, but the new leader of the team. The gang was back and truly better than ever.

    The past may have been written, and the future was looking bright. But as with life, we all have our ghosts, our sins, and our past eventually catches up with us. In season 3, Lord Zedd and Rita had sent a wizard along with Putty Patrol minions to collect a lock of Tommy’s hair, and succeeded. The wizard also had sent the rest of the Power team back in time to the olden settlement days, to isolate the team once and for all. Not only that, but he would use the hair collected as a biomaterial sample, to make a Tommy-clone, once again to serve evil. The evil Green Ranger had been recreated.

    Tommy, the White Ranger, after losing a fight to the Putty Patrol, was still in the present and it was he who now, had to do battle with himself as the Green Ranger. Not only did it lead to a one on one fight, White vs. Green, but eventually leading to a battle in the Zords. The White Ranger had lost.

    Eventually coming face to face again with the wizard, White Ranger Tommy had gained control over the wizard’s magic wand and teleported himself back in time to rescue his friends and bring them back to the present. The team would take care of the DragonZord while the Tommy twins and the wizard finished what they had started. The wizard would eventually be defeated, and the Green Ranger was free from evil’s control. But now with two Tommys, they could not live together like this. So the Green Ranger willingly decided to stay in the olden days, while the White Ranger continued to stay in the pesent.

    The Green Ranger is perhaps the most legendary of all the Power Rangers. He has played both good and evil, has an amazing actor, and had began the first love-relationship in the series. There is so much about the character, Tommy Oliver, that it goes beyond Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Word is a reboot series or movie is in the works, and is scheduled for release in July 2016. ■
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An awesome article I love it Go green ranger Go!
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